These classes are for entertainment purposes only. It is NOT intended to share, by Johanna Gardner and or any of the participating students, any medical, legal and any other information to be misconstrued in an attempt to misguide anyone. There is no guarantee of any kind that the information you learn will in anyway positively affect your life and or friends, clients or families lives. It is given with the pure intent of sharing ideas about business, color, frequency and vibration.


Any student that becomes disruptive in class, chooses to be invasive and/or proves to have ill intent towards other students will be removed from having class access and will not be given a refund.
There are no cash refunds for partial or full payments. Payments, without services rendered, may be (at the full discretion of the instructor) transferred into credit towards other services, but must be negotiated prior to the onset of any start date of a class. Other services are contained under the umbrella of Creative Energy Healing Services and are outlined here.