Wealthy Intuitives - Meditations

Mediations and Business Tools BONUS

Meditations & Business Tools

Bonus Materials for Wealthy Intuitives Program

This course includes the bonus materials included in the Wealthy Intuitives Program.


Are you an intuitive healer/coach trying to build your wealth? You may be writing a book, creating passive income products or whatever 'project' you'd like to accomplish in the next 6 months, this mentorship is to help you make it happen with ease and grace!

After being an entrepreneur for 25 years, I've learned through trial and error, all the wrong ways to build a business. I have built dozens of businesses along the way. I even built a multi-million dollar real estate business. However, after all that hard work, I had the money, but with 98 mortgages and employees, I didn't have the TIME freedom that I had wished for. I also found out that having a business open 24x7 that required me to work weekends didn't suit my introverted personality. 

Today, I have a flourishing coaching/healing business. I absolutely LOVE my work, and it's a perfect fit for my preferred lifestyle! I have both TIME and MONEY freedom! 



  • MEDITATION: Heart Centered Manifestations
  • MEDITATION: Your Money and Your Mother
  • MEDITATION: Connecting to your Soul Tribe
  • MEDITATION: Past Life Regression (What's in the way of you fulfilling your purpose?)
  • FEATURED SPEAKER - Shelley Donati - Past Life Regression - Meditation






  • GUEST SPEAKER: Amanda Thomason - Your Pricing?
  • GUEST SPEAKER: Jennifer MacFarlane, The Money Medium
  • GUEST SPEAKER: PollyAnna Brown - PR
  • GOALS EXERCISE: The Code of An Extraordinary Mind
  • The Code of an Extraordinary Mind - The 3 Most Important Questions

About Your Instructor

Johanna Gardner

Johanna Gardner

Intuitive Business Coach, Master Energy Healer & Artist

Hi, I am Johanna Gardner.

I am an intuitive business coach and the creator and teacher of "The Business Energy Audit" as well as “The G.R.O.W.Th. Method”. These methods help intuitive entrepreneurs to generate make more money and time freedom.

I’m an internationally recognized encaustic artist and have certified dozens of healers in my unique “The Soul Color’ & ‘Wealth Color” modalities.

I believe in being aligned with your soul’s purpose will bring you the highest level of happiness. I have been a heart-centered spiritual entrepreneur for more than 20+ years. I have built multi-million dollar businesses that have served my head, but not my heart. I’ve been there, done that! And I have experienced that money and success won't bring you fulfillment!

My expertise is realigning outdated wealth-related belief systems by including a balance of both left and right brain intuitive business coaching processes and practices. My clients include celebrities and multi-millionaires looking take a quantum leap to the next level of success in their lives and businesses.

Learn more about me: www.JohannaGardner.com

Find me on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/CoachJohanna 


What Others are Saying

Johanna is an excellent entrepreneur with the expertise and experience to get you to profitability as fast as possible.
Shelley Donati Intuitive Business Mentor
I've learned so much about how to improve my business from Johanna. She truly is a gem!
Mary Lancaster Shamanic Healer and Psychic
Johanna's intuitive skills are so value to me. She's helped me so much. I'm so very grateful!
Amanda Perez Physical Therapist


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