Reiki is simple to learn

In as little as a few hours, learn how to relax and heal your friends, family, and clients and build your intuitive abilities by getting certified, along with millions of other practitioners, in an internationally recognized relaxation technique called ‘Reiki’.

Class Content

  • 1

    Reiki: What is it? History? and more...

    • Introduction to Reiki Video By William Rand

    • What is Reiki?

    • How Does Reiki Work?

    • What is Reiki & Who Can Learn It?

    • What is the History of Reiki?

    • The Story behind the $10,000.00 Fee For Master Level Reiki

  • 2

    Reiki: The Attunement Process

    • Preparing for an Attunement

    • The Attunement

    • Reiki Attunement Benefits: The Pineal Gland

  • 3

    Reiki: The Hand Positions

    • VIDEO: Treatment of others Hand Positions

    • VIDEO: Self Treatment Hand Positions

  • 4

    Reiki 1 Symbol: Cho Ku Rei

    • The Power Symbol ~ Cho Ku Rei


  • 5

    Reiki: Video Training with Johanna

    • LIVE Reiki Training with Johanna

    • Reiki: Attunement 1

    • Reiki: After the Attunement

  • 6

    Reiki Certificate: How to get certified

    • To Receive Your Certificate

  • 7

    Reiki: Resources

    • VIDEO: Dr Oz: The Healing Benefits of Reiki

    • VIDEO: 3 hours of Reiki Healing Music on Youtube

    • VIDEO: 6 hours of Reiki Healing Music on Youtube

    • VIDEO: Building Your Reiki Practise

    • BOOK: Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art

    • BOOK: The Reiki Manual: A Training Guide for Reiki Students, Practitioners, and Masters

    • BOOK: Reiki: The Healing Touch - First and Second Degree Manual

    • BOOK: An Evidence Based History of Reiki

    • ORGANIZATION: International Association of Reiki Practitioners

    • ORGANIZATION: The International Center for Reiki Training

    • ARTICLE: Reiki goes mainstream: Spiritual touch practice now commonplace in hospitals

    • ARTICLE: Reiki can be used for Objects and Things

    • ARTICLE: Can Reiki Help With ADHD?

    • ARTICLE: The Reiki Attunement: A Primer on This Spiritual Ceremony

    • ARTICLE: Can Reiki Help with Weight Loss?

    • ARTICLE: How Can Reiki Help Your Nursing Practice?

    • ARTICLE: Can Reiki Stop Migraines?

    • ARTICLE: Reiki and Heart Disease


    • INSURANCE: IARP Suggestions

About Your Instructor

Intuitive Business Coach, Master Energy Healer & Artist

Johanna Gardner

I am a published artist and master energy healer who uses the LANGUAGE OF COLOR to tell the intimate story of who YOU are at the deepest level and what you are here to DO in the world.I believe being aligned with your soul's purpose will bring you the highest level of happiness. I have been a heart-centered spiritual entrepreneur for more than 22 years. I have built multi-million dollar businesses that have served my head, but not my heart. I've been there, done that! And I have experienced that money and success doesn't bring you fulfillment!My soul’s purpose is to lovingly reconnect clients with their truest soul's purpose, realign their energies with their unique personality strengths, and help dissolve their old patterns and beliefs so they can live a truly authentic and powerful life of service and fulfillment. It has become my mission to create coaching and educational packages to help people to discover their best personality traits and align them with the energy of their soul. I’m in love with my life, and I can’t wait to help you fall in love with yours!Learn more about me: www.CreativeEnergyHealing.comFind me on Facebook: 

What Others Say

Professional Artist

Wendy Volpe

This course changed my life!

Physical Therapist

Amanda Perez

Johanna is an amazing reiki teacher!

Massage Therapist

Mary Lancaster

Reiki has transformed my massage practise!