The Healing Power of Color

Change your Energy, Change your Life!

Color Yourself Healthy

Learning How Color Can Heal

Join 100's of other students that will never look at color the same way again!

Color is everywhere! And it's FREE! So why not use it to expand your life. 

In this course, you'll that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!

You can use the power of color to enjoy health, wealth and love by understanding the nature of 'energy'.


Color your dreams

Color can bring about magic!

At the core of WHO WE ARE, we are all vibrational-frequency beings. 

Using color with intent can help you bring about the life of your dreams.

Learn to use the power of color to change your life!

Student Love

This was such an enlightening course!
Amanda Thomason Massage Therapist/Coach
Such a FRESH perspective on color!
Shirley Norwood Intuitive Healer
I learned so much from Johanna!
Dr. Sally Graddon The Life Balance Dr.

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What You'll Learn

How Color Can Heal


  • Welcome!
  • Welcome Video
  • About Johanna

Part 1 - Energy, Light and Color


  • Energy, Light and Color
  • PDF Version - Energy, Light and Color

Part 2 - About The Colors


  • About The Colors
  • PDF - About The Colors

Part 3 - Using Light To Heal


  • Using Light to Heal
  • PDF - Using Light to Heal

Part 4 - Using Intent To Heal


  • Using Intent to Heal
  • PDF - Using Intent to Heal

Part 5 - Using Color To Heal


  • Using Color to Heal
  • Wow! Fascinating!
  • PDF - Using Color to Heal

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About Your Instructor

Johanna Gardner

Johanna Gardner

Intuitive Business Coach, Master Energy Healer & Artist

Hi, I am Johanna Gardner.

I am an intuitive business coach and the creator and teacher of "The Business Energy Audit" as well as “The G.R.O.W.Th. Method”. These methods help intuitive entrepreneurs to generate make more money and time freedom.

I’m an internationally recognized encaustic artist and have certified dozens of healers in my unique “The Soul Color’ & ‘Wealth Color” modalities.

I believe in being aligned with your soul’s purpose will bring you the highest level of happiness. I have been a heart-centered spiritual entrepreneur for more than 20+ years. I have built multi-million dollar businesses that have served my head, but not my heart. I’ve been there, done that! And I have experienced that money and success won't bring you fulfillment!

My expertise is realigning outdated wealth-related belief systems by including a balance of both left and right brain intuitive business coaching processes and practices. My clients include celebrities and multi-millionaires looking take a quantum leap to the next level of success in their lives and businesses.

Learn more about me:

Find me on Facebook:

Learn about

Frequency & Vibration

Meanings of Color

Color Affirmations

Color Therapies

Light as Nutrition

How to Heal with Color


Loved it!

From Mary Jane Allen

This is a really wonderful course to familiarize people with the benefits of using color to heal the chakra system in our bodies. Johanna is a wonderful teacher and outlines many ways we can use co...

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This was fun!

From Jolanda Bolt

This is such a fun class! Johanna explained it all magnificently: how it works with colors and how you can incorporate it in your life. The way she looks at the influence of color on your health wa...

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From Brandy Miller

Thanks for the class, Johanna. It was very insightful and I learned a lot from it.

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